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On the purpose of rules

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Rules can help us achieve at least two things…

Here are some suggested new rules for urban (cage) cricket - designed to broaden the appeal of the game.

And here are some rules for great fiction advocated by the ‘Dickens of Detroit’, who died earlier this week.

In your workplace, what rules would you like to
1) Break – to bring down stuffy barriers and increase inclusion of those who don’t normally get involved in things?
2) Suggest – to improve quality of various work outputs?

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Makes you think

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Is this teaching, community building, marketing, engagement, trust building?

This video on empathy from the States is powerful stuff.

A bit on the back story here.

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Wiki wiki who?

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My big surprise of 2012? And one that is continuing into 2013…

not a viral media sensation involving a K-Pop star – or anything high brow to do with economy or the defining moments for massive institutions like the BBC, Police or NHS…

Rather, this article on the most popular pages on Wikipedia reminded me of how fruitless my search to meet someone, anyone, who contributes to the online encyclopedia was during 2012 (as per this blog). In my travels and events I met some who know people who do write and edit – but no one directly.

So…maybe I should start and be that person : )


How to live life? A-F

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Anticipation > anxiety?

Broadening >belief?

Curious > certain?

Determined > demanding?

Example > exhort?

Fascination > frustration?

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Why roofs?

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A few reasons for the recent interest in roofs in these blogs…

1) As we go into 2013, are you running your life at the right speed for you personally?

2) What design and ideas can you get for deciding how much speed or friction you can face, such as this . We have a pack of materials we can share if you want too – let us know.

3) How can you make things smoother, simpler where necessary – applying the ideas of lean as well as personal productivity.

4) What are you keen to protect and preserve in your life? What outside elements are you trying to keep out?

5) In your conversation, does the chat move at the right speed – or too fast or tediously slow? How are you helping or getting in the way of the right speed – with curious questions, clever interjections or bored indifference?

6) Other? Please let us know any other connections you have made to this metaphor.


A stone roof…

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So, if a slate roof needs a pitch of 33 degrees, a stone roof must have one of 45 degrees or more. The irregularities of the surface increase friction and the risk of leaks into a home at lower angles.

Flat roofs in contrast need a smoothness, slight tilt and large drains to reduce the risk

So, why this interest in roof design…do email if you think you know. More from us next time?


A slate roof…

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In Manchester, according to the novelist Jeanette Winterson (in “Why be Happy when you can be normal” – a joyous, sad read ) slate roofs on two up two down terraces are built at 33 degrees – to get the optimum balance for steady draining and no external or internal water damage that happens if the gradient is too great and the water cascades down the roof in a torrent too fast for the gutters to handle.

Why the attention to roofs…read on…


What is a Roof for?

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Roofs are obviously to keep water out, but also to channel the draining water at a measurable pace.  Too fast and it might overflow the guttering causing damage. Too slow and it might seep in.

To be continued…..



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I managed to see a stunning programme on the writer Jeanette Winterson this week.

The documentary was jam packed with interesting quotes and ideas – sound bites don’t do them justice…

- ‘Our enthusiasm often tells us where we are lacking’

- She talked powerfully of her ‘dark night of the soul’ when she tried suicide in 2008

- She talked of her life purpose for women writers to get ‘their share’

- She argued how we need writing to help us ‘grapple with the size of our own feelings’

- She summarised the ‘big endings in life’ (and literature) of revenge, tragedy, forgiveness

- She talked of ‘over-estimation of the object’ and the projection we make onto things as a defence

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Do you walk with a limp?

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A phrase I heard recently In Australia…

“Never trust a leader who hasn’t walked with a limp”

Researching it, it seems to have a spiritual route. However, I heard something similar said of Tony Blair: a leader who had never encountered personal hard times (prior to Iraq possibly), unlike Gordon Brown and David Cameron in their family lives.


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